The Quest For The Holy Grail

The Quest For The Holy Grail was developed with one idea in mind. Immersion! My team consisting of 5 members wanted to create a game wherein changes in the physical space would make changes in the game space as well. The perfect setting was that of Indiana Jones where the guest would be taken through a variety of challenges with the help of a guide in order to claim the treasure. This game was developed using Unity but had a bunch of peripherals where the guest was tracked using a Kinect2, the puzzles were played using Phidgets, Makey-Makey and a Leap Motion. DMX Lights were interfaced to provide more immersion.

The floor has booby traps which were rigged using a Makey Makey. The photo shows the guest accidently activating one of the booby traps as the spikes shoot out at him. The Kinect 2 tracks his movement as he ducks out of the way.