Virtual Scrapbook

During my under graduate years, my team and I wanted to easier ways to interact with the computer. We researched on cheaper ways to come up with large multitouch devices. This led to a prototype which we named Virtual Scrapbook. It is a multi-touch based image and video viewer. Users can move, zoom and rotate multiple images/videos simultaneously using multi-touch gestures. These gestures are created by an infra-red pen. The interface supports any number of touches. The touches were detected using OpenCV. TUIO(Tangible User Interface Objects) protocol is used for communicating these touches to the interface.

The front-end user interface is written in python. TUIO and image detection using OpenCV is written in C++. The source code of the project is available on Github. This project was selected as the Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) Best Project in the year 2011.